October 2014

As part of the Coronation Meadow project, fencing and new gates have been installed onto the field section of the site, to allow us to introduce grazing cattle. A local grazier is currently keeping three cows and three calves at the site. They are all Dexters, a small native breed often used for conservation grazing - more information available at dextercattle.co.uk They are a friendly and curious breed but please keep your distance as the mothers are protective of their calves.

Photo © Rosemary Dennis

September 2014

The signpost to the field from Pound Lane has been refreshed and was reinstalled on our September work day. More information here: Signpost for MS.pdf

August 2014

Moorend Spout was chosen as a recipient site for hay taken from the Coronation Meadow at Netcott's Meadow, on the southern side of Nailsea - for more information see the AWT website

Green hay was harvested from Netcott's Meadow and then strewn on Moorend Spout by volunteers from both Avon Wildlife Trust and Nailsea Environment and WildlifeTrust on 1st August 2014.  The aim of the scheme is to spread flower seed onto our site and develop a new wildflower meadow.  The process will be repeated with the rest of the field over the next two years.

A video of the hay being spread is on http://youtu.be/xNPDsusNI2I or within the embedded video below.

Field following harrowing, prior to hay spreading

Hay arriving at the field

Hay being spread next to pond (since cleared of blanket weed)

Successfully spread hay - as the rain started to come down

Photos and video © Rosemary Dennis

July 2014

Our pond was filled with water in September and has held its contents well, despite no liner. We have planted a number of plants around the edges which are growing well, and have moved the small copse of trees that was located on the Land Yeo embankment to a new site to the south of the pond. We have discovered a range of "mini-beasts" on and in the pond, and even found a small perch that may have been sucked up the siphon.

Unfortunately the siphon stopped working and in combination with the hot weather, water levels in the pond dropped substantially through July. Many thanks go to the local fire brigade who came and refilled it for us.

Photo © Terry Smith

February 2014

Our latest newsletter is attached here

September 2013

We spent the September work morning starting to lay welded wire mesh on the boardwalk in order to make it less slippery. 15m down, only another 80m or so to go!

Our pond is also full, after Ian set up a siphon system to take water from the Land Yeo. We are permitted to extract up to 20 cubic metres per day from the river, so we needed about two to three days worth to fill the pond. We have not installed a liner yet; we are planning to see how much leakage we get, as we may be able to get away without one.

July 2013

Our AGM was held on Tuesday 9th July at the field. This included a short report on the activities during the last year and a statement of the NEWT accounts. We ended by the new pond, which the photo below shows now has a small amount of water in the bottom (despite the recent heat) and a few insects swimming on and in it.

For the July workday we undertook a Bio-Blitz event on the site, where specialists came and identified a number of species we found on the site. Many thanks go to Lindsay Moore and Tony Smith for all their help. The species information is now included on the "species list" page.

June 2013

Our first pond, Pond E, has now been dug! After last year's washout, we have finally had enough dry weather to allow the digger onto the field safely. At the moment it just looks like a hole in the ground, but in due course we will get a liner and then fill it with water from the Land Yeo - and then wait to see what grows or comes to live in it.

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