The next meeting will be on Saturday 6th July 2013 - at 10am on Pound Lane. We are planning a mini BioBlitz event for the day, running into the early afternoon with the aim to record as many different species as possible, and to encourage the public's interest and knowledge of their local biodiversity.

Our AGM will be held at the Nailsea Fire Station on Tuesday 9th July at 7.30pm. It is expected that the meeting will last about 45 minutes and will probably include a short report on the activities during the last year and a statement of the accounts. We shall also seek endorsement from you of
the committee and try to answer any questions that might be raised! 
As always (!) we will provide the tea, coffee and biscuits. 

June 2013

Our first pond, Pond E, has now been dug! After last year's washout, we have finally had enough dry weather to allow the digger onto the field safely. At the moment it just look a like a hole in the ground, but in due course we will get a liner and then fill it with water from the Land Yeo - and then wait to see what grows or comes to live in it.

July 2012

All the wet weather has resulted in fast growth of all the plants in Moorend Spout, so we spent the July work morning clearing the overgrowth (mainly grasses, nettles and brambles) from the boardwalk. Hopefully walking this route will now be easier and result in fewer nettle stings! We also cleared the vegetation around the bench.

We have all the consents we need for the ponds, but are awaiting dry weather to allow a hay crop to be taken first, and then the first pond to be dug without causing ruts to our field or our neighbour's field (our access route).

May 2012

Recent rains have raised the water levels in the Land Yeo (the upper river) and Middle Yeo (the lower river, aka Jacklands Rhyne) considerably, and the Spout is flowing impressively.

The Middle Yeo is just topping the bank near the old stone bridge, which has resulted in a temporary stream alongside the boardwalk, and standing water within the sedges. Judging by the mud deposited on the stones, it looks like the water level has been even higher in previous days.

Water levels at the Land Yeo have almost reached the footbridge, but are still a little way off topping over the embankment.

The small stream/leak from the embankment into the carr has increased slightly, which is assisting in raising the water levels within the carr. The small hand dug pond area is certainly much wetter than it has been recently, and the vegetation is growing well.

April 2012

An Aspen tree has been planted in memory of the late Phyllis Stacey, who very generously left money to NEWT in her will.

We have now completed filling the ruts in the adjoining field which were caused by us taking a hay cut when the ground was wet. The boardwalk has also been cleaned, which will hopefully make it less slippery in wet weather.

We have had to clear rubbish and ashes from the carr, after a group of young men were spotted having a campfire within the wood during the recent fine weather. Various plants have been trampled and damaged. We have now hopefully blocked the carr off more effectively, in the hope that this will not happen again in the future. If you do decide to picnic at Moorend Spout, please do not light fires and please remember to take your litter home with you.

February 2012

A good number of volunteers braved the freezing weather to come out to our first work morning of the year. The pond next to the boardwalk was deepened, and we were pleased to see large number of tiny freshwater shrimp swimming around in the pool. We also measured the temperature of the water coming from the small spring in this area - at 12oC it may not quite be a hot spring, but it is certainly a warm spring! 

We planted a new tree in the southeast corner of the site, to help celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee - our "Jubilee Tree" is a native black poplar (Populus Nigra Betulifolia) and should grow to around 25m, though at present it is only around 3.5m tall.

Photo © Terry Smith

Other tasks undertaken on the workday included clearance of the meadow area between the carr and the footbridge over the Land Yeo, and marking out of the first pond that we hope to dig, in the northeastern corner of the field.

January 2012

We have now received sign-off from North Somerset Council to the planning conditions linked to the successful planning application for ponds - they have accepted the management plan for Moorend Spout and agreed with the type of grass which will be planted on the spoil heaps. We have also received Flood Defense Consent from the Environment Agency for the spoil from Pond E, which will be banked against the Land Yeo embankment. We are now in a position to proceed with quotations for digging the first pond - which hopefully will be dug sometime this year.

Approved overview plans for the site are shown in Drawing 1 and Drawing 2.

The Spring 2012 newsletter for Moorend Spout and Towerhouse Woods is attached here.

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