November 2010

At our work morning at the start of November we managed to clear a large area of sedge and brambles adjacent to the boardwalk, as well as clear part of the stream leading from the carr to the Middle Yeo.

October 2010

We are considering putting ponds into the meadow to encourage a wider range of wildlife. Judging by the site on Sunday 3rd October, perhaps we don't need to make the effort just yet! Hilary saw about two dozen male and female mallards splashing about in the middle and later a small flock of pied wagtail picking insects off the water. Also present were two buzzards and a pheasant.




Wet meadow (Photo © Hilary West)


At the work day on Saturday 2nd October we started to dig out the pond in the carr - it now looks like a shallow pond, rather than the former boggy patch. We also tried damming the water outlet from the carr to see if the water level would raise - hopefully we will see some results before long. The boardwalk was also personalised with "NEWT 2010" being marked out in metal tacks.

Digging out the carr pond (Photo © Terry Smith)

Boardwalk (photo © Terry Smith)

September 2010

NEWT have received a 2010 "It's Your Neighbourhood Award" from the RHS - our certificate is shown below.









August 2010

Our Grand Boardwalk Opening was held on Friday August 20th, with around 18 volunteers and trustees coming to see the ribbon cut. The rain held off for the event and we all enjoyed the cake and the bubbly. The boardwalk provides a clear path through the site, protecting the habitat to either side of it, as well as allowing walkers to avoid the mud.


Roger cutting the ribbon (photo © Ian Chambers)

Terry cutting the cake (photo © Ian Chambers)







A number of dead or dying plants have been removed from the hedges. These have been replanted temporarily in Terry's garden in the hope that they may yet survive.

A work morning was carried out on Saturday August 7th. The main achievement was the removal of thistles from the site.



  Photo © Terry Smith

July 2010

Himalayan balsam has been found on the site. This alien plant smothers our native plants and causes erosion of riverbanks. No insect will eat it and there is no satisfactory control other than by hand pulling. Seed is flung up to 5 metres from the plant by a highly efficient mechanism for dispersal, and each plant produces up to 50 seeds.



Keith pulling Himalayan Balsam (Photos © Hilary West)


A new boardwalk has been installed along the public footpath by SW Timber. This provides an improved route across the site, particularly during wet weather.



Before (Photo © Roger Staples)





After (Photos © Roger Staples)


Due to the hot dry weather over the last couple of months, the newly planted hedge is not growing as well as we would like. We have had several watering events and have roped in the Nailsea firemen to help us on a couple of occasions. Rubbish has also been removed from the river.






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