The next meeting will be Saturday 1st February and the following one will be Saturday 7th March - at 10am on Pound Lane outside the schools, ending around 12 noon.

If there is any doubt about the weather you may want to phone us before coming. We provide all of the tools and the refreshments.

January 2020

The Annual Report for 2020 is here (pdf).

A rare dry and sunny day on 10th January brought 3 of our trustees out to do some tree planting. We have chosen to plant some Black Poplar (Populus nigra ) because we already have one specimen on site and the species is very suitable for wet ground. These trees grow to 30m and can live for 200 years. They are the plant food for many moth caterpillars, including the hornet, wood leopard, polar hawn and figure of eight.

12 whips were planted by Tim, Ian and Rosemary - five along side the hedge on the existing Black Polar, three around the second pond, two next to the Carr (meadow side) and two along side the boardwalk near the Ash. We hope that there will be a mixture of male and female trees amongst them! We are told that it is practically impossible to tell the difference at this stage.

The Woodland Trust indicates that only around 7,000 wild black poplars now grow in Britain and of these, only 600 are female trees. Black poplar is dioecious, meaning male and female flowers are found on separate trees. Flowers are catkins (male catkins are red and female catkins are yellow-green), and are pollinated by the wind.

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